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Pearla has been a contractor for AUSGRID now for many years – we have been part of the emergency network and responsible for 1000’s of installations of all kinds.

We specialise in solutions – We can install anything – we have seen it all… We have a long history of HW installations in Aged Health Care facilities and Commercial and some very difficult domestic situations. We can also maintain them all – all shapes and sizes.

We bring this expertise to you and your home – we can help you get a better solution – and make sure you have what you need and when you need it.

We install – SOLAR, GAS BOOSTED SOLAR, ELECTRIC BOOSTED SOLAR, GAS – STORAGE , GAS INSTANTANEOUS, Electric storage, Electric Instantaneous, Heat Pumps and combinations of all of the above

*An important consideration with internal electric HW units that the newer models are slightly bigger than the old ones – this means if its currently in a cupboard it may be something we need to know

Client Testimonial:

“Pearla plumbing fit in a tight time frame and will fit with any type of project regarding accommodation and new kitchen fittings.”

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