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Real Quotes

As we all know, defects can develop at any time and, as a building ages, repairs will be needed. These repairs usually involve the obtaining of a number of quotes for the work to be done. But again, as we all know, not all quotations are the same and can vary greatly. From experience it would appear that the old saying "You get what you pay for" still rings very true. Be wary of the obviously cheap quote! It'll usually end up being a case of false economy in the long run – with perhaps a dose of frustration and dis-satisfaction thrown in for good measure.

Basic steps to make sure you are comparing 'apples with apples'

1. All job specifications should first be prepared by appropriately licenced and qualified professional.

Make sure the problems are correctly diagnosed so the correct and the most economical method of repair will be quoted.

A good Strata Manager has a list of pre-approved tradespeople that have been thoroughly checked for workmanship, qualifications, licences and insurances. Yes, they may be a bit more expensive but at least you know the work will be done, on time, properly and safely – and there's also some recourse if you're not satisfied with the completed work.

2. Make sure the remedy or quoted work is the same – 'replacement' Vs 'repair' is constant scenario with Storm water and sewer jobs – where ever we can we replace 'new for old' – – unless its cost prohibitive (under concrete) we cant see why you gamble with what you can see – CCTV shows you whats going on inside the pipe only. While its a fantastic tool , one we also utilise, in most cases the problem on the 'inside' is coming from the 'outside'……

Fixing old PC items can almost cost as much as new replacements

Sometime the rush to complete can cost more that considering options – especially in old buildings, with old pipes , with old PC's ……its unfortunate but jobs can grow.

Galvanised gas lines are prone to be problematic – they can be very unstable – and to replace a single section is often not so easy – better to look at the 'whole run'

3. Look carefully at inclusions and exclusions – Jobs can grow……… its unfortunate – but better than not having the facts about 'why' it might grow first. Quotes should roughly reflect each other – unless the prescribed repair is different – in which case you are not comparing 'apples with apples'

4. Use only quality materials.

We have to warranty out workmanship – we use only materials to compliment that. All our work is to the Australian Standard – AS/NZS 3500.5

We don't cut corners – we won't install components that are not of quality.

5. If there is any doubt – get the relevant 'trade' out to discuss the job.

Often a 'meet and greet' will go along way towards making the decision. We are happy to meet you on site and work through the job – what the options are and make sure you are happy that the job you are having done will give you the result you need.

Price checking is fine – but is only one part of the decision to commence work.


The old saying – 'you get what you pay' for with materials and fixings is true – end of story.

Materials that are cheap to buy can end up costing you a fortune when they break. We all to often return to someone else's work where the 'price' and not 'quality' was the consideration.

Imagine installing a cheap and nasty 'flexi hose' to a $50 tap out of the corner hardware shop – you are out one night it bursts flooding your house…………… it's about that time you which you spent the necessary money doing the job properly. We have seen a multi-million dollar home decimated by a $20 dollar plastic hoseline to fridge giving up because a careless unlicensed technician cut corners with a repair.

As part of our service offering we have included a link to those suppliers who we have a relationship with for sourcing materials. You might like to source yourself – before we arrive – we are happy for you to supply the hardware so long as its a quality.

Click on one of the suppliers below to browse their materials

In 9 out of 10 cases they will stock what you want – and if not commit to getting it for you at the right price. Take advantage of our buying power and let us simply arrive and install what you have chosen**

**make sure its like for like – no point getting a new vanity with water points out of the bench top if your taps and spouts are in the wall – you can do the job, but its not like for like …..


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